[pb_row background="none" border_width_value_="0" border_style="solid" border_color="#000" width_unit="%" div_padding_top="10" div_padding_right="10" div_padding_bottom="10" div_padding_left="10" ][pb_column span="span6"][pb_text width_unit="%" enable_dropcap="no" appearing_animation="0" ]
[/pb_text][/pb_column][pb_column span="span6"][pb_tab el_title="Pieces" div_margin_top="0" initial_open="1" fade_effect="no" tab_position="top" appearing_animation="slide_from_bottom" appearing_animation_speed="slow" ][pb_tab_item heading="Pawn" icon="" ]Can only move once except when it makes its first move and then it can move 2 times. Can only go forward and capture diagonally
[/pb_tab_item][pb_tab_item heading="Knight" icon="" ]Moves in all L shape: 2 up 1 left or right / 1 up 2 left or right. Only piece that can jump over another. Can only capture when jumping if lands on a square with enemy.
[/pb_tab_item][pb_tab_item heading="Bishop" icon="" ]A bishop may only move diagonally and can move as far as its line of sight.
[/pb_tab_item][pb_tab_item heading="Rook" icon="" ]A rook may only move strait and can move as far as its line of sight - be it Forward/Backward. Left/Right
[/pb_tab_item][pb_tab_item heading="Queen" icon="" ]Can move and capture on any square in line of sight. She can move on the straights and on the diagonals.
[/pb_tab_item][pb_tab_item heading="King" icon="" ]Restricted to one move per turn. Can move in any direction - straits or diagonals. May capture in any direction that's within its legal move range.
[/pb_tab_item][/pb_tab][pb_promobox el_title="Move Pieces" pb_title="Move Pieces" pb_button_title="Button Title" link_type="url" pb_button_url="http://" pb_button_open_in="current_browser" div_margin_top="0" pb_bg_value="#F6F6F6" pb_bg_color="#F6F6F6" pb_border_top="5" pb_border_right="5" pb_border_bottom="5" pb_border_left="5" pb_border_value="#A0CE4E" pb_border_color="#A0CE4E" pb_show_drop="yes" elements="title__#__content__#__ " title_font="inherit" pb_button_size="default" pb_button_color="btn-default" appearing_animation="0" ]To move Pieces around the board click on piece once (do not drag and drop!) and move to spot desired. If the board will not let you move piece either you are moving to an incorrect position or making move will place your King in Check position.