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Reading is alive and well at North Bend Central Public Schools! Reading can open up a world of possibilities for everyone. Whether we read for pleasure, learning or work, reading is our key to a more fulfilled life.  

I am lucky to have Mrs. Judy Kloepfer at the high school library and Mrs. Jane Mehaffey and Mrs. Audrey Chromy at the elementary library helping me to be there to help students and staff find the books and resources they need to enhance their learning experience.

Career     Schedule
Homeroom Middle School
1st Core 7A Math
2nd Core 7B Math
3rd Core 6A Math
4th Core 6B Math
4th Period Basic Geometry
5th Period Algebra B
6th Period 8th Math
7th Period Planning
  NBC Educator 33 Years
I joined NBC for the 1993-94 school year and taught 7-12 Computers and Business. After earning an endorsement in Library Science, I switched to K-12 Library/Media in 2010-11. 
  Educator 33 Years
I have also worked for 1 year in corporate software training and taught as adjunct faculty for 7 years for Metropolitan Community College in Computers and Business and 3 years for University of Nebraska-Omaha in Library Science.
  Subjects K-12 Library/Media, High Ability Learner Coordinator
  Activities Junior Class Sponsor/Prom
  Bachelors Business Administrator/Business Education- University of Nebraska Lincoln
  Masters Masters of Arts- Business Education - UNL
About Me    
  Hometown North Bend, NE
  Family Husband - Vaughn, Four children: Dana (husband Jamie & grandchild Aiden), Bill, Pete, Meri