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The classroom is the most important job a child or teen can pursue. It unlocks doors that most do not realize. I promote it and believe in the future of all students.

Career     Schedule
1st Period
Biology II
2nd Period
Global Science
3rd Period
8th Science
4th Period Biology II
5th Period 8th Science
6th Period Planning
7th Period 8th Science
  NBC Educator 40 Years
  Educator 40 Years
  Subjects Biology II, Science 8, Global Science
  Activities Coach Middle School Boys & Girls: Basketball & Track
  Bachelors Science Education- University of Nebraska Lincoln
  Masters Science Education w/ Biology Endorsement - UNK
About Me    
  Hometown Wahoo, NE
  Wife Lisa  
  Children Nicole, Mark, Todd, Chelsea, Cody, Delaney, Carter