Flood Damage Estimate for City-CLICK HERE

FEMA Disaster Declaration

Money Donations to Support Recovery Efforts North Bend, NE 2019 Flood

North Bend Historic Flood Disaster Relief Fundraiser:
Purpose: To help displaced families rebuilt their homes, find temporary places to live, purchase water, essentials, and financial relief. Checks to: North Bend Historic Flood Disaster Relief Fund. Money collected at: Platte Valley Bank (606 Main Street, North Bend, NE 68649.

City Fund:
Purpose: To cover the city's flood-related expenses
Checks to: City of North Bend (memo 2019 Flood)
Money collected at: Platte Valley Bank (606 Main Street, North Bend, NE 68649) or NBC High School (1320 Walnut St, PO Box 160, North Bend, NE 68649)

North Bend Volunteer Fire Department:
Purpose: To support the local fire department
Make to: North Bend Volunteer Fire Department
Money collected at: NBFVD (140 W 7th St,  North Bend, NE 68649)
Contact: Kyle Woodgate (308) 571-0163 or Waylon Fischer (402) 317-7829

NBC Flood Response Fund:
Purpose: To assist students and staff with their needs and activities associated with school. Funds will go directly to students and staff directly impacted by the flood. Checks to: NBC Flood Response Funds. Money collected at: NBC High School - 1320 Walnut St, PO Box 160, North Bend, NE 68649. Funds managed through the Fremont Area Community Foundation in coordination with the NBC Foundation.

There is still help out there….

While we have finished the first wave of clean up in North Bend, there are still many homeowners who either have clean up needs to be addressed or have not been in their homes yet. The local volunteer line will no longer be open, but that doesn’t mean that help is not available.

There will be an informational session at the public library on Thursday from 6:00 – 8:00 that will have information on assistance with home clean-up along with health information. Any materials at the session will be left at the library for public to pick up.

Some options are:

Operation Blessing (hosted by Fremont Nazarene Church). If you need assistance with salvaging personal belongings, debris removal, cut out drywall, chainsaw work, etc. Residents can complete forms at the church at 960 Johnson Road in Fremont from 9:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. or call 757-284-9183. (They prefer you apply in person to get the process going.)

Crisis Cleanup Hotline – They will have clean-up crews that are able, reputable and vetted agencies that can assist with fallen trees, remove drywall, insulation, flooring, furniture, appliances, tarp roofs, etc. To request help: 833-556-2476.

Samaritan’s Purse – 402-936-0355 (hosted by Fremont Alliance Church, 1615 N Lincoln) Will serve people within 25-mile radius of Fremont. They will remove furniture, muck out homes, cut out drywall and treat for mold. Call and an assessor will survey damage to see what must be done and put people on list for help.

Southern Baptist Disaster Relief – Mud out – remove debris, remove flooring (carpets/floorboard), cut drywall, remove insulation, power wash home; Shockwave spray -mold retardant, etc. Located in GNC bay at Fremont Mall.

Church of Christ Disaster Relief (across from Sapp Bros) chainsaw work, can find skilled and unskilled, gutting, tree removal, etc. Stop by the church to apply for help. Their hours will be from 10-7 as the need requires.  They will match volunteers with homeowners’ needs.

Oath Keepers – 402-604-4343 – Will accommodate to needs of homeowners. They can send a person to evaluate needs and coordinate homeowners and volunteers.

If you contact more than one agency, you need to let the other know so they don’t spend time getting to you when you no longer need assistance.