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Mrs. Johnson Mrs. Dorcey  
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Bachelors of Science @ UNL Bachelors of Science @ UNK  
Masters of Education @ Doane College Masters of Curriculum and Instruction - Early Childhood @ UNK  
Hometown: Superior, NE Hometown: David City, NE  
28 years of teaching experience 11 years of teaching experience  
  I will be there for my students, care for them, listen to them and lend them a hand when they are in need. I will be honest, trustworthy and fair so that they always feel safe and loved while under my care. I will praise their efforts, celebrate their successes and help them learn from their mistakes. I will be positive, patient and respectful so that they can learn from my example. I will encourage them to discover their voice, their talents, and their dreams. And I will create a challenging, interesting and fun environment, so my students will come to love learning as much as I LOVE teaching! - Jodi Dorcey