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On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I want to welcome you to the North Bend Central Foundation’s web page. We hope you’ll learn a lot about the Foundation and consider making a donation to help us provide scholarships and fund projects that benefit North Bend Central Public School students. And, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook at “NBC Foundation”.  

Thank you.  
Jim Havelka,
Board of Trustees Chairman

About the NBC Foundation

The North Bend Central Foundation is a non-profit PK-12 educational foundation whose purposes include providing college scholarships to graduates of NBC High School and funding teacher-initiated projects that benefit the students of North Bend Central Public Schools.  The Foundation was formed in 1988 and became an affiliate of the Fremont Area Community Foundation in 2001.  Since its inception, the NBC Foundation has awarded more than 250 scholarships and awarded approximately $78,000 in grants for teacher projects.


The NBC Foundation is NOT a governmental unit and does not receive any tax support. Donations from alumni, community members, and other patrons are its main source of revenue. The Foundation’s assets are divided into a general operating fund which finances the annual Board of Trustees scholarships and teacher-initiated project grants, several family memorial scholarship accounts, and the Kay Eveland Memorial Fund which supports additional teacher projects and professional development. The NBC Foundation is affiliated with the Fremont Area Community Foundation for fund management and investment. All donations to the NBC Foundation are fully tax-deductible. The Foundation has no paid staff. 

Picture: North Bend Elementary 4th Graders use gumdrops and toothpicks to construct a three-story building strong enough to support the weight of several bags of marshmallows.  The project was a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) activity.  The NBC Foundation provides materials and professional development for teachers involved in STEM.

Contributing to the NBC Foundation

Thanks once again to the generosity of our contributors, the NBC Foundation was able to provide a tremendous amount of support for students and staff at North Bend Central Public Schools this year.  For 2019-20 approximately $33,150 has been budgeted for Foundation activities by the NBC Foundation Board.  That figure includes $18,650 in Foundation scholarships and family memorial scholarships administered by the Foundation, $11,500 in teacher project grants, and about $3,000 for curriculum and professional development for the district’s Greenhouse Project.   Details on the scholarships and teacher project grants approved in April can be found on this web page.   The recent growth of the Foundation has been tremendous and it’s all because YOU – our generous contributors – have come through for our school. 


Bountiful Harvests Can Yield Opportunities

Cash isn’t the only way to contribute to the NBC Foundation -- sometimes giving a commodity makes good economic sense.   Farmers can make an “above the line” (ie. before adjusted gross income) charitable donation of grain to the Foundation.  When sold by the Foundation, the proceeds can be used to fund our scholarships or teacher projects.  Recently,  a local farm family endowed a long-term scholarship with a gift of corn.  For further information on how to make a Gift of Grain, contact Foundation Board Chairman Jim Havelka at (402) 620-1705 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  




Will you help again this year?

Every $25, $50, or $100 donation generates full or partial matching funds and directly benefits North Bend Central Public Schools students and teachers.   Contributions are fully tax deductible because of our affiliation with the Fremont Area Community Foundation.  The NBC Foundation is NOT a governmental unit and receives no tax support. 

Contributions can be sent to the Foundation via the NBCPS Superintendent’s Office.  A donation form is provided below for your convenience.  Your support for the Foundation’s scholarships and project grants will be greatly appreciated.

Charity Vyhlidal portrayed NASA Mathematician Kathrine Johnson in this spring’s NBC Wax Museum, a project funded by the NBC Foundation.


The Kinman-Oldfield Challenge

The NBC Foundation benefits each year from a matching grant from the Kinman-Oldfield Foundation.   Kinman-Oldfield matches the first $2,000 we raise in local funds at 100 percent and each additional $1,000 at 25 percent.  For 2019 we have applied for a $5,000 matching grant which, combined with local donations, will allow the NBC Foundation to award a record amount in scholarships and grants to NBCPS students and teachers.  Thanks again, NBC Foundation donors!

Fremont Area Big Give Helps NBC Foundation      

The Fremont Area Big Give...was very successful for the NBC Foundation. Thanks to our generous donors, we qualified for a $750 incentive grant sponsored by the Scribner Bank.   Thanks to all who donated, including: Lon Bohling, Leigh Feala, Larry/Cheryl Feala, Jeff Peters, Mary Sharp, Robin Widhelm, Mick Tank, First State Bank, Brenda Robinson, Laura Chvatal, Cheryl Wietfeld, Rebecca Streff, Luann Knobbe, Christina Liekhus, Amy Reznicek, Nancy Yackle, Melissa Cody, Mary Le Arneal, Melissa Samuelson, Julie Loberg, Patti Peters, Chris Gross-Rhode, Kinsey Wemhoff, Ryan Stieren, Bev Grueber, Aubrey Miller, Amy Ferguson, Mark/Patrice Hines, Mike/Jodi Dorcey, Jana Post, Jeff/Randi Mimick, Jan Hobza, Dan Endorf, Mark Flamme, Jim/Linda Havelka, Katy Bode, Tom/Deanna Wolf, Steve/Sharen Minarick, Ken/Pat Beebe, Cecilia Hall, Mary Buller, Diane Hines, Margie Emanuel,  and Deb Andrews.

NBC Foundation Newsletter

Click on the button below for the NBC Foundation’s Spring Newsletter. We hope you’ll enjoy reading more about NBC Foundation activities and that you’ll consider a contribution to further the Foundation’s work for North Bend Central Public Schools.

Class of 2019 Awarded Scholarships 

CONGRATULATIONS… to these 2019 Seniors who earned NBC Foundation scholarships.  The Foundation Board awarded $18,650 in scholarships this year -- a record amount --including 11  Board of Trustees/Kinman-Oldfield scholarships and eight family memorial scholarships (one renewal) administered by the Foundation. 

2019 winners of NBC Foundation Board Scholarships are:  front— Faith Taylor, Cameryn Faltin, Elsa Rasmussen; middle—Tanner Wietfeld, Harley Cave, Kyle Jedlicka, Cameron Frank; top—Hunter Poland, John Emanuel, Zander Gibney, and Zach Borer.

NBC Foundation Family Scholarship winners for 2019 are:  Jacob Ray, Tanner Wietfeld, John Emanuel, Kyle Jedlicka, Faith Taylor, Cameryn Faltin, and Elsa Rasmussen.

            Winners of the Board scholarships and their college plans are:

  • Harley Cave, UNL, Pre-Veterinary Medicine
  • Zach Borer, UNL, Engineering
  • John Emanuel, UNL, Construction Engineering
  • Cameryn Faltin, Wayne State, Undecided
  • Cameron Frank, UNL, Chemistry
  • Zander Gibney, UNO, Computer Science
  • Kyle Jedlicka, Wayne State, Criminal Law
  • Hunter Poland, UNL, Computer Engineering
  • Elsa Rasmussen, UNL, English and Horticulture
  • Faith Taylor, Wayne State, Elementary Education
  • Tanner Wietfeld, UNL, Physical Therapy

Winners of the family memorial scholarships administered by the NBC Foundation are:

  • Jeffrey Mines Memorial: John Emanuel
  • Jim/Sandra Kruger Scholarship: Elsa Rasmussen
  • Janet Kavan Memorial: Kyle Jedlicka
  • Lloyd/Lorraine Manske Memorial: Jacob Ray, UNL, Exercise Science
  • Darlene Ough Memorial: Faith Taylor
  • Ladehoff Family Memorial: Cameryn Faltin
  • Gene Emanuel Memorial: Tanner Wietfeld
  • Carol Wilson Memorial (renewal):  Victoria Vosler, South Dakota State, Animal Science.

Since 1993, the NBC Foundation has awarded 255 scholarships valued at  $166,810 to NBC graduates.  


New Memorial Scholarships Established

Two new memorial scholarships were established  at NBC this year.  The Pam Dolezal Memorial Scholarship has been started in memory of a teacher, mother of four, and active supporter of NBC staff and students.   This $1,000 annual scholarship will be administered through the NBC Activity Fund.  It was awarded this year to Callie Goertz.

The Gene Emanuel Memorial Scholarship memorializes one of the founding Board members of North Bend Central. Mr. Emanuel was the father of eight NBC graduates and “…consistently supported a high quality education for the young people of this community.”  The $2,000 annual scholarship will be administered through the NBC Foundation. It was awarded this year to Tanner Wietfeld.


Would You Like to Endow a Scholarship

Are you interested in endowing a scholarship memorializing a family member, classmate, or friend?  If so, contact NBC Foundation Board Chairman Jim Havelka at (402) 620-1705 or via e-mail at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

NBC Seniors did a group poetry assignment in Suzy Morgan’s English class following the historic March flood.  The resulting poem appeared in The Prowling Pen,  NBC’s literary magazine.    The annual magazine is one of the projects funded by the NBC Foundation.  

Teacher Projects Grants Awarded


Teacher Projects Grants Awarded


The NBC Foundation Board approved 15 teacher-initiated project grants totaling $11,900 at its meeting in April and renewed a grant for the NBC Greenhouse Project.  The new projects include:

  • UNL Speech Camp and NBC Summer Speech Camp (Ross Lafleur)
  • Central Honors Institute for Middle Schools (Chris Gross-Rhode)
  • Wayne State Madrigal Concert (Kim Hanson)
  • NBC Wax Museum (Melissa Cody)
  • Flexible Classroom Environments (Jodi Dorcey and Rebecca Streff)
  • Second Grade Readers Theater (Kinsey Wemhoff)
  • Prowling Pen (Suzy Morgan)
  • National Council of Teachers of English (Suzy Morgan)
  • College Visits and Scholarship-Writing Nights (Chris Gaughen)
  • SAC Museum Trip (Rebecca Streff)
  • Future Problem-Solving (Melissa Cody)
  • Civil War Immersion Day (Dan Wright/Ken Streff)

Kay Eveland Fund Projects

Three teacher project grants were awarded this year from the Kay Eveland Memorial Fund administered by the NBC Foundation.  NBC English Teacher Suzy Morgan will participate in professional development activities at the National Council of Teachers of English convention in Baltimore, MD this fall.  Other Eveland grants will support the NBC Wax Museum (Melissa Cody) and a SAC Museum trip for Fifth Graders (Becky Streff).

NBC student Isiah  Bautista holds up green bean roots from the hydroponics lab in the new NBC Greenhouse.  The lab produced 18 pounds of green beans that were served in the district’s school lunch program.  An NBC Foundation grant provides funds for curriculum and professional development for the Greenhouse project.


 Pictured Right:

An NBC Middle Schooler gets a close-up view of liquid carbon dioxide during an experiment at Central Honors Institute this summer. Fifteen NBC high ability learners were selected for CHI and received tuition assistance from an NBC Foundation grant.

Thank You, NBC Foundation Contributors.

THANK YOUto all who have donated to the NBC Foundation since our December newsletter, including:  Vernelle Karsk Werblow, Robert/Lee Ann Emanuel, Betty Mylander, Maxine Arneal, Tim McCoy, Gary/Marsha Gillis, Charles/Jan Vopalensky, Steve/Amy Settles, Danko Emergency Equipment, Magdalene Svec, Brad/Amy Williams, Michael/Vicki Janssen, Bob/Sally Leftwich, Nissen Family Trust, Lela Thompson, Stephen/Lauretta Ruthven, Randy/Jolene Kassmeier,  Bob/Jean Simon Turgeon, Martin/Lois Krohn, Havelka Educational Services, Kathy Kavan, Jackie Moeller, Jerry/Cecilia Hall, Ted/Teresa Wieser, Dean/Karen Lux, Jim/Brenda Robinson, Rita Cerny, Lois Coufal, Leona Yost, Drew/Mariann Von Rein, Tom/Deanna Wolf, Steve/Audrey Chromy, Gary/Terri Jelinek, John/Mary Buller, Fred and Lavonne Ladehoff, Lon/Carol Bohling, Rich/Jane Mehaffey, Pat Peters, Dave/Karma Amison, John/Linda Ehrke, Georgia Vyhlidal, Doug/Kris Lanik, Terry/Ann Hoffman, Doug/Jolene Paasch, Moser Memorial Chapel, Troy/Jana Post, Dan/Connie Watts, Dan/Sharon Endorf, Ryan/Amy Ferguson, Brooke Boyce, Bob/Julie Feurer, Mark/Linda Brower, Jan Crofton, Patti Romshek, Ed Slavik, Marlen Thege, Marilyn Petersen, Kathy Bohac, Gordon/Joan Keri, Larry/Cheryl Feala, Doug/Connie Wamberg, Dr. Jim/Wendy Groene, Merle/Carol Murray, Ron Essman, Roch/Diane Emanuel, Dan/Susie Hartman, Ken/Becky Streff, Jim/Diane Hines, Elaine Morter, Bob/Luann Blacketer, Jim/Dolores Rothanzl, Kevin/Janet Ferguson, Ron/Lucinda Lange, Ivan/Suzanne Krula, Doug/Nichole Ruzicka, Mike/Jan Guilliatt, Larry/Pat Ruzicka, Dustin/Tamra Llewellyn, Veronica Emanuel, Rick/Jan Hobza, Galen/Joan Eberhart, Chuck/Sue Emanuel, Greg/Mary Jane Luft, Shad/Rebekah Hansmeier, Les/Virginia Livingston, Dale/Evelyn Kinney, Donald Vopalensky, Jim/Ann Minarick, Gary/Robin Widhelm, Rollie/Mary Ann Otte,  Mick Tank, Dr. Mark Johnson, Chinton/Nicole Desai, Jerry/Kathy Zelazny, Bob/Linda Bendig, Tim/Karen Cech, Kent/Sheryl Johnson, Larry/Cheryl Feala, Randy Happel, John Wolf, Ron/Rita Freeman, Kurt Baumert, Dennis/Susan Emanuel, Larry/Mary Flamme, John/Katy Bode, Alex/Angela Wolf, Dr. Tom/Misti Wolf, Platte Valley Bank, Rick Tank, Paul Hansen, Oscar/Rose Ann Bredthauer, Sharon Cody, Lee/Sue Maly, Marg Helgenberger, Larry Dolezal, Tom Siebels, Mark/Patrice Hines, Peggy Lindahl, Pat Minarick, Adeline Hines, Larry/Carolyn Peters, Bob/Mary Shanahan, Broc/Ashley Blanchard, Steve/Bev Grueber, Jim/Linda Havelka, Jason/Bobbie Pojar, North Bend Basketball/Volleyball Alumni, and Marv/Janet Porter.


MEMORIALS:  Among those memorialized with donations were:  Monty Mylander, James Arneal, Adeline Pettit, Nancy Staley, Marlene Lux, Erma Gausman, Pam Dolezal, Gene Emanuel, Jim/Betty Coen, Kim Kavan, Connie Kruger, Marie Johnson, Peggy Uhing Havener, Lowell Ruth, James Johnson, Norm Poppe, Arden/Ellen Wolf, Linda Baumert, Geraldine Kinney, Hugh Helgenberger, Jolene Siebels, Francis Minarick, Diane Wesch, Dennis Emanuel, Jim Krondak, and the Classes of 1961 and 1984.


Hydroponic lettuce grown in the NBC Greenhouse is
ready to be taken to the NBC kitchen by Mya Stahl,
Brooklyn Shaw, Alyssa Booze, and Alicia Muhle. 
The greenhouse project receives funding from the
NBC Foundation.

The Board of Trustees

The NBC Foundation is governed by a local Board of Trustees with fiscal oversight from the Fremont Area Community Foundation.  The members serve four-year terms.  Members are:

James Havelka, Chairman
Patrice Hines, Secretary
Carol Emanuel
Kenneth Beebe
Robin Widhelm
Mark Flamme
Jay Poessnecker, NBCPS Board representative
Dr. Dan Endorf, NBCPS Superintendent and Foundation Treasurer

NBC Foundation Board members are (top row from left):  Ken Beebe, Patrice Hines, Robin Widhelm, and Jim Havelka (back row from left) Dan Endorf, Carol Emanuel, Jan Hobza, Mark Flamme, and Jay Poessnecker