July 31, 2020 News

We are all thrilled to present plans for the re-opening of school set to take place on Tuesday, August 18thEnclosed in this document are the up-to-the-moment plans we have in place for students as they arrive to NBC for their first day of school.  Many employees around the district have worked diligently to prepare an exemplary education for our students under the current conditions, and the outline of these plans are listed in the current draft of our document. 


As with every other school district, business, and family in America, NBC will need to be open to change and flexible enough to modify our approach to school on a weekly, and sometimes daily, basis based on the impact of the virus.  Therefore, NBC will be using a ‘Risk Dial’ to assess the current impact the coronavirus is having on our communities and the two school buildings in a similar fashion to the Risk Dials incorporated by Three Rivers Health Department and most area schools.  On one end of the Risk Dial spectrum, GREEN will signal that there are ‘Low’ numbers of COVID cases within the area, that Three Rivers Health data shows stability in positive cases, there is minimal impact on the health care system and other potential variables that may emerge.  The YELLOW color means ‘Moderate’ and acknowledges things aren’t as going as well as they were in GREEN, yet displays stability in the NBC region.  YELLOW means there is limited community spread and COVID is having a small impact on the healthcare industry.  The third color is ORANGE meaning ‘High’ and it displays increasing numbers of cases and quarantines with regional spread.  Clusters or outbreaks in the area are worrisome and measures must be taken to minimize the COVID impact.  Finally, the RED Zone means a ’Severe’ situation is presented to the district.  Widespread community or school transmission of COVID is occurring and the local healthcare system is overwhelmed.  School would move to an e-learning format at that time and the school buildings closed temporarily.  A committee of the Board will meet with school administration each Thursday to assess the Three Rivers Health Department report and then analyze our current situation in the district (student and staff attendance rates, for example) and set the Risk Dial for the next seven days.  Of course, the Risk Dial could change on any day of the week due to a spike in positive cases or other happenings. 


School procedures will be modified based upon the barometer set by the Risk Dial.  We encourage you to review the document and refer any questions you have to a building principal or me. Below you will find some of the important points regarding the reopening of school document:


  • Parents are expected to pre-screen their child(ren) at home for symptoms of COVID-19. Any student or staff member exhibiting symptoms must stay home.


  • Students displaying a fever or illness at school will be sent home.  Any suspected case of COVID will be communicated with the parent as soon as possible and the student will be isolated in a specific area away from other students and staff. 


  • Transportation services before and after school will be modified to fit our current situation with COVID-19.  A letter home to the parents of bus riders will arrive the week of August 3rd to explain the changes.


  • Principals have modified classrooms across the district to meet social distancing guidelines as much as possible.  Details of the instructional plan will be communicated through ‘open house’ meetings, letters home and TigerTalk.  


  • Masks are optional for students and staff to wear.  The district will provide masks for all students and staff.  As with every other element of our plans, conditions with the coronavirus may merit a change with optional masking.


  • The doors to the buildings will not open until 7:30 a.m. for student access. The building opening time may change based upon current conditions with the coronavirus.  At the end of the day, students will be expected to leave the building in a timely fashion. Please make arrangements accordingly.  After Hours school will continue at the elementary school with a modified approach to meet social distancing requirements.


  • Breakfast will be grab-and-go at both buildings. Lunches will still be served, though modifications are necessary.  A TigerTalk message next week will explain the process in more detail.


  • All students will be required to attend school face-to-face unless there exists a verified medical reason for that student not to attend school.  In the event a student tests positive for the coronavirus, is quarantined by the health department, or is experiencing illness, the district will provide academic support to meet that student’s needs just as it has done in the past.


  • Unless conditions merit change, visitors will be allowed into school during the school day.  Please call ahead so staff can prepare for social distancing  upon your arrival.   


No one component of our re-entry plan is now, or ever will be, completely finalized as this pandemic is unprecedented in our lifetimes.  As new information develops, as better procedures emerge, and as our experience in this environment grows, we will likely adapt and improve upon our plans and procedures. The district will continue to do our very best to meet the needs of our students and families during this challenging time, just as we would under more normal circumstances.


While these changes lead to inconvenience and hardship, please remember that the overarching goal is to retain face-to-face learning throughout the district for the entirety of the school year.  Please continue to follow the North Bend Eagle, the school website and TigerTalk for information as we prepare for an exciting school year at North Bend Central Public Schools.  Go Tigers!


Dr. Dan Endorf