• Tuesday October 15th
    Varsity Girls Volleyball 7:30 pm @ Lyons Decatur
    JV Girls Volleyball 5:30 pm @ Bancroft-Rosalie High School
    JBPT 7:00 am

  • Wednesday October 16th
    Varsity Girls Softball @ Hastings

  • Thursday October 17th
    Varsity Girls Softball @ Hastings
    Varsity Cross Country 4:30 pm @ Pierce High School 5:00 Boys
    Varsity Girls Volleyball 5:30 pm @ NBC vs. TBA NBC to follow
    JBPT 7:00 am

  • Friday October 18th
    Varsity Girls Softball @ Hastings
    Varsity Boys Football 7:00 pm @ NBC vs. Shelby-Rising City
    End of First Quarter
    Football Parents Night
    Little kids Cheer Clinic
    JBPT 7:00 am

  • Saturday October 19th
    Varsity Girls Volleyball @ Pender High School

  • Monday October 21st
    JV Boys Football 5:00 pm @ West Point Beemer High School
    JV Girls Volleyball 6:00 pm @ Wisner-Pilger High School
    JH Boys BB Practice Begins
    JBPT 7:00 am

  • Tuesday October 22nd
    Varsity Girls Volleyball 5:30 pm @ Howells-Dodge High School
    JV Girls Volleyball 5:30 pm @ Howells High School
    JBPT 7:00 am


Community Upload

Welcome to North Bend Central
"Building Success Together"

Vision Statement:

  • Acquire foundational academic skills
  • Inspire students to develop goals and become life-long learners
  • Embrace self-worth & a healthy lifestyle
  • Develop technological skills to meet the needs of an evolving society
  • Utilize problem solving skills that enable a student to make educated decisions
  • Demonstrate responsible citizenship within the community and globally  
  • Foster an environment that is accepting of all individuals and cultures
  • Enhance each student’s unique gifts and interests


The Mission of 'Building Success Together' is central to the success of North Bend Central Public Schools.   The Togetherness begins with four goals developed by the Board of Education:  Technology Advancement; Facilities Improvements; Professional Development; and, Career Education.  Assessment data displays tremendous student achievement, with academic expectations a critical piece of the district's mission.  Check out NBC's tradition of academic success and progress related to the four Board goals -- you will like what you see!

NBC received numerous awards recently highlighted by the prestigious U.S.D.E. Blue Ribbon Award, given to only four Nebraska schools in 2018.  NBC staff also received the only Milken Award for teaching, the M.S. English Teacher of the Year and the Strength and Conditioning Teacher of the Year Award.

North Bend Central, located 45 minutes from both Lincoln and Omaha, is a thriving school system providing academic excellence by Building Success Together!